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Helping you, to help others

Do you ever feel lost in the endless to-do lists? Are you spending more time trying to get your head around the technical demands of the digital world than focussing on your passion, the whole reason you started your business in the first place, the thing that should be at the forefront?

I'm here to support you with those time-consuming backend administration tasks that take so much of your precious time. Beyond that, I'm passionate about helping you discover and amplify your authentic voice, while establishing a sustainable online presence that truly reflects your brand.

As a fellow small business owner, I know firsthand the challenges you face in balancing your business's needs while staying true to yourself. It's overwhelming, I get it. That's why it is my mission to empowering women like you to focus on what truly matters in your business, while being able to confidently navigating the digital world.

Let's work together to enhance your online presence in a way that aligns with your values and enables you to maintain a healthy work/life balance. You can entrust me with those tasks you prefer to avoid, allowing you to focus on what you love most.

Hi, I'm Siân

Ocean-lover, moonchild, business owner, and Mum.

With over 15 years experience, from luxury skin care & makeup to ethical yoga wear, financial services, and baking, I began working as a virtual assistant in 2022.

As a creative thinker, I thrive on generating fresh ideas and providing innovative solutions to promote your business differently. Simultaneously, I have a passion for systems and processes, allowing me to streamline your operations effectively.

So whether it's finding a way to share your knowledge & experience online, designing a poster for an event or migrating hundreds of clients between CRM platforms and organising your email inbox, I am the perfect person to ease some of the pressure you're putting on yourself to do it all.

Let me take on some of those tasks you find most challenging or time consuming, or that you just can't stand doing, so you can spend more time on whatever it is you love to do.


You're a small business owner, wearer of countless hats and spinner of many plates. All while trying to focus on your core work, the very thing you are passionate about, as well as balancing a busy home life...

Learn how I can help

Ever find yourself in a creative rut, staring at a blank screen, wondering where to start? With a phone full of photos and reel worthy video clips that never see the light of day...

I can rescue you from the overwhelm

Despite your well-meaning friend telling you "You don't need a website, my sister's friend Janey just runs her business on insta" that isn't going to cut it for the majority of small business owners. A website gives you and your business credibility...

Let's create yours together

What my clients say. . .

I honestly can’t express enough how grateful I am for you! Every yoga teacher needs a right hand woman like you to help us with the skills we lack! Thank you 💗

Natasha - Tash Yoga

What my clients say. . .

Siân runs our website and ecommerce store, as well as carrying out digital marketing and design work. She’s a problem solver, an ideas person, and can turn her hand to pretty much anything that I throw at her!

Rachel - Stroud Yoga Space

What my clients say. . .

You have no idea how much it means to know that I have Siân keeping an extra pair of eyes on things for me. She go above and beyond, and I am so grateful for her!

Marie Poza

What my clients say. . .

Siân understood our brief for the website clearly, and designed a great logo for us as well. She took onboard any comments to ensure it looked exactly as we wanted and went out of her way to find solutions and get the booking system working well for us. 

Gillian - Stroud Birth Pools

What my clients say. . .

coming soon . . .

Siobhan - Falkland Housekeeping Services

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